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Half-price supermarket sale trolley good idea

By Lindy McDowell

M Hollande, the man now running France, has pledged to see off austerity.

He's not quite threatening (thus far anyway) a lottery winner "spend, spend, spend" approach but already the markets (as they tend to do over just about anything these days) have taken an attack of the vapours.

He wants to spend more and tax the rich more.

In times of prolonged, seemingly interminable recession you can see how this was an election winner.

Will it work though?

God knows.

Radical steps are needed we're constantly told. In Portugal where unemployment is rising and costs biting too, one business last week was certainly taking radical steps to entice customers.

Supermarket chain Pingo Doce - it has over 350 outlets - offered a one-day sale where every single item on the shelves was reduced to half price. It led to fights in the aisles and customers staggering from the tills with carts piled to toppling point. Off Their Trolleys was the headline in the English language Portugal News. But were store bosses really being daft?

The story dominated the week's headlines - not a bad way to get your brand name out there. And while there were claims that it was an attempt to damage rival stores by creating a monopoly, tellingly consumer champions supported the move. The chain's bosses say it was such a success they plan to do it again.

I mention all this because I imagine a few of our own big chains will also have noted it and will, even now, be assessing its impact.

Could it happen here? Surely high time we got the anti-austerity trolley rolling too.


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