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Hazel Stewart's blame game fooling nobody

By Lindy McDowell

In a remarkable display of blame transference Hazel Stewart - interviewed in this paper by Liam Clarke - ponders the police decision to treat the double murder of her husband Trevor and Colin Howell's wife Lesley as suicide.

"I couldn't believe they accepted it was suicide, could they not see what happened? It was obvious," she exclaims.

Sadly not that obvious. Thanks in no small part to Hazel's convincing lies.

She says now she was frightened at the time that Colin Howell might harm her daughter and son. But, come on ...

Any mother frightened for her children's safety would do the obvious thing and ensure that the man she feared was taken as far from them as possible - whatever the consequences for herself.

In other words she'd have called the police and had him put away. Not continued a five-year affair.

Hazel lied then and in the years that followed. For 20 years she deceived all around her including her second husband, her children and Trevor's family.

Why should we believe a word she says now?


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