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Heartfelt sorrow for Michaela

By Lindy McDowell

Sometimes a story makes us all stop, catch a breath and genuinely unite in shared sorrow. The shocking death of Michaela Harte is one such story.

We can all feel it. The family love flooding out of those pictures of that beautiful young girl.

And with it some small sense of the enormity of their grief.

Understandably there's been much focus on the loving bond between father and daughter: "I've lost my only, beautiful daughter, that tells you everything'', is how the Tyrone manager poignantly summed up a loss beyond any parent's worst nightmare.

But all the Harte and McAreavey family circle are in our thoughts. Especially Michaela's husband John. Especially her mother Marion.

In her beauty and her youth Michaela is forever caught in time as she is in those lovely pictures.

She is forever that golden young woman. Forever her daddy's girl.

We always say that in such circumstances words are inadequate and yes, at such an awful time they do seem pathetically little to offer.

And yet ... .

Trawling through internet messages of condolence you can't help but be truly moved by the scale of the wave of compassion and sympathy from right across this community and beyond.

With gentle, touching simplicity one well-wisher on the Belfast Telegraph site sums up what we're all thinking now.

"Our hearts are with the Hartes."


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