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Helen's rinse puts her rivals in shade

By Lindy McDowell

Dame Helen Mirren aged 67 showed up at the Baftas and by the simple strategy of having dyed her hair pink stole the show from all the other much, much younger female stars.

Suddenly cleavage and a thigh-split dress doesn't do it any more.

This is, of course, fabulous news and a major coup for the older sisters of the acting profession (basically anyone over the age of 26).

Proof that you can still turn heads by resorting to the fondant of youth. I just worry about the copy-cat knock-on effect.

Ms Mirren, let's not forget, starred in the movie Calendar Girls, that film about the WI charity calendar that still spawns endless – not always well-advised – replicas.

There's every possibility that her pink rinse will now be similarly copied by other white heads who've copped that it's a quick, wash-in,wash-out way to stand out in the crowd.

And as we all know there's no shortage of greying divas wishing to stand out in the crowd, to get their bakes in the paper and to recapture the spotlight.

So who would you say, might be up next for the ageing Amelia Lily look?

Surely it would be a great trick for bumbling Boris, a man who has all but built a career on his hairdo?

Especially given that the Tory hardcore already consider him something of a pinko.

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