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Hillary's new fun image looks set to run and run

By Lindy McDowell

Hillary Clinton is having a bit of a moment right now.

After reports that she was planning retirement, Bill announced he was looking forward to having her at home because "we have fun together".

There was a time when this might have sounded unlikely.

But Hills seems to have shed her rather uptight image of late.

A satirical internet blog, based on a pic of her looking Secretary of State scary in black jacket and shades and brandishing her BlackBerry on a military jet has been a global sensation with its purported Texts From Hillary.

"Any advice?" Mitt Romney supposedly asks.

"Drink" suggests Mrs C.

Better still, Hillary got in on the joke by texting the team behind the blog and asking to meet them in person.

And with her star rising in the polls she's now been snapped out partying in a Cuban café in Colombia where she'd been attending an international conference.

Looking Kate Moss carefree, she's pictured in one shot dancing with her hands about her head. In another she's slugging from a bottle of beer surrounded by friends.

It all looks very happy and normal which, unsurprisingly, is doing the woman's popularity rating no harm whatsoever.

Could this be the image boost that might yet make her Obama's running mate in the next presidential election?

Stranger things have happened. Who would have thought being seen to be up for a bit of fun would have proved such an image boost in US politics?

Poor staid Mitt Romney. The pressure is surely on there now ...


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