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How celebs are winners even when they lose

By Lindy McDowell

Celebs so often complain about their lives being “an emotional rollercoaster”.

But recent research (mine) suggests this is what keeps them raking in the dollars.

Just when you think someone formerly famous has nosedived out of sight entirely back they soar — back up the same well-worn tracks. Jordan got married (sold the wedding pics), got divorced (sold more pics) got remarried (sold a few pics) and is now set to repeat that remarriage with all the photo opportunities that involves.

Kirstie Alley put on weight (made headlines) lost weight (won acclaim) put it on again (made headlines) and is now working on losing it all (again) on her own diet with all the marketing opportunities that involves.

Kerry Katona went to Iceland (made a packet) had a meltdown (lost it all) has been to rehab (lost weight) and is now back on the celebrity scene with all the glossy magazine interviews that involves.

When you’re famous for being famous, win or lose is apparently a win-win situation.

Madonna is currently in the gossip column doghouse for wearing clothes deemed inappropriate for her age. Like she cares.

How long before she cashes in with her own range of mid-life crisis clothing?

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