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How courageous Lauren did her snooker legend father proud

By Lindy McDowell

He may not have been the model of a conventional family man (since his death, children from various relationships have been coming out of the tabloids at hurricane rate).

But Alex Higgins got the sort of send-off he would surely have wanted.

The mural. The crowds. The melodramatic carriage and horses. The roadside shrine. And the cathedral pomp.

And nobody was more impressive than his pretty daughter Lauren, who touched hearts with her poem of tribute.

They may not have been the most original words.

But nobody could have doubted how heartfelt they were from the girl who, as a baby, featured in one of Higgy’s most memorable triumphs. As he regained the world championship in 1982 it was Lauren (“My baby, my baby!”) he cried out for in his moment of victory.

She did not let him down at the end.

And for all his legendary appeal to the ladies, ironic surely that this womanising hell-raiser — like George Best before him — should finally be buried alongside the woman who was the real love of his life.

His mother.

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