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How courts are too lenient on drug addict Pete

By Lindy McDowell

If Pete Doherty lived in Northern Ireland there’d be talk that he was a tout ...

How come someone who has appeared in court so many times manages to stay out of clink?

His latest escapade involved dropping over a dozen wraps of heroin on the courtroom floor when he was appearing on another charge. The judge, slapping his wrists, told him that he’d been idiotic.

Of course, it is right that the legal system should attempt to make allowance for — and help — the addicted.

But would the average working class lad have been shown the same latitude down the years as the famous-for-being-famous but not particularly talented Mr Doherty?

Critics rail about the message Doherty’s treatment by the courts sends to the impressionable young about drug-taking.

Another — equally important — point

It just doesn’t seem fair.

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