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How cute Dubliners cash in on our troubles

By Lindy McDowell

Good news for Dublin. A survey shows that hotel prices there are among the cheapest in the world. Around €79 a room a night since you're asking.

Of course those canny hoteliers also know how to ratchet up the prices when they get the chance. At the weekend, rooms which normally cost around the €79 average were available for well over €200.

It's all about supply and demand. There was the big rugby clash attracting tens of thousands into town. Plus - happy days for the hoteliers - it was also St Patrick's weekend.

But, while the city capitalises on the obvious stuff, Dublin is not behind the door either in turning a profit from any visiting sector.

Coming soon is a summit (co-hosted by Google Ideas) which will bring together former violent extremists from across the globe.

Dublin was chosen, explains a spokesman for the organisers, because of its positive experience dealing with violent extremism in the Northern Ireland peace process.

I think you'll find that was our violent extremism.

But down in Dublin they managed to secure the peace dividend in the form of a conference to talk about our Troubled past.

Surely we're missing a trick here?


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