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How diamonds have lost their sparkle for supermodel Naomi

By Lindy McDowell

Diamonds are forever. As the hapless Naomi Campbell now knows to her cost.

And not always a girl’s best friend either. Not when they come in a pouch. Delivered by heavies to one’s room late at night. Courtesy of a crazed despot.

Naomi is even alleged to have “flirted” at a dinner with Charles Taylor, the one-time Liberian leader, and a man rumoured not merely to have previously won hearts.

But also to have eaten them

He stands accused at the Hague of war crimes involving the massacre and maiming of hundreds of thousands of people in West Africa. Naomi in fairness says she didn’t have a baldy where Liberia was. Never mind who Taylor was.

Given her contemptuous dismissal of the importance of the hearing she attended this week (giving evidence she snapped was an “inconvenience”) you accept in-depth research might not be her strong point. Which leaves others attending the same dinner. Nelson Mandela — what on earth was he doing there?

The attendance of the man, the supermodel has referred to as an honorary grandfather, may understandably have led her not to question the track record of all her fellow diners. Now she knows. There’s no such thing as a free banquet. Especially one that comes with a blood diamond. takeaway goodie bag.

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