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How Hamas glories in the deaths on aid convoy

By Linday McDowell

World Condemns Israel read the headline.

No change there then

Long before the IDF commandoes were being dropped onto the decks of the “freedom flotilla” heading for Gaza, the Hamas chiefs were already gloating about how it would be a win-win situation as far as they were concerned.

If the ships got through the Israeli blockade (aimed, incidentally at keeping weapons, not food, from being smuggled in to the terrorists) — result. If they didn’t — publicity result.

So will the bloodshed really have distressed a Hamas leadership that glories in victimhood and in the suffering of its own people?

Let‘s not kid ourselves.

This was PR manna from heaven for the men demanding (with regard to the Israeli people) that “the world should put an end to the biggest country of pirates”

Many of those on the flotilla may have been well-intentioned. (Although you wonder if it might have been a more effective way of actually helping people in Gaza if the cost of the flotilla had been spent on aid entirely — especially since the Israelis had promised to deliver it.)

But Hamas? Hamas are simply lapping up the horror that ensued. And they know few observers anywhere are going to call them to account for for that. Too busy berating Israel.

World Condemns Hamas?

No chance.

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