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How Minister’s museum plea created unholy row

I don’t go in for -isms and -ists. So I don’t see myself so much as an atheist. Just a plain old non-believer.

I don’t think there is anything up there or out there or down there. (And, spare me the tracts aimed at changing my mind. You’re wasting your postage.)

I do, however, respect other people’s rights to their religious views. If it brings people comfort and strength, fine by me. I’m even interested in learning about various religions and religious views.

It’s a big world. There’s room for us all.

Which is why I’m a bit baffled as to why so many people seem to have gone apoplectic over the revelation that Culture Minister Nelson McCausland has written to the Ulster Museum saying he’d like to see a bit more coverage of Creationism (inter alia.)

Now, if he was warning “more coverage or no funding” obviously there would be a problem

But he doesn’t actually seem to be saying that. So why not an exhibit outlining what Creationism is all about?

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There are some things I’d certainly like to find out about it.

For a start — when was Creationism created?

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