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How mums drive home real horror of road deaths

By Lindy McDowell

I tend to be a bit sceptical about public service advertising in general. (Is there a bus in Belfast at the moment that isn’t urging us to campaign for a Bill of Rights, recognise that sexual violence is WRONG or refrain from -isms of many and various forms?)

But the current television campaign by mothers of young sons killed in road accidents here is both powerful and painful and you have to think (hope?) it must be hitting home.

The courage it will have taken those women to talk about their raw heartache in their wavering, broken voices is surely immense.

One of them, a woman with soft eyes and gentle words, talks about falling to her knees at the scene where her young son died and pitifully clasping a piece of the wreckage of the car he was in.

It is heart-rending stuff.

Those mothers, aiming to prevent what happened to their children happening to others, deserve our total respect.

Their message is hard to listen to.

But impossible not to.

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