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How Shinners took a page out of Father Ted

When Dr Zion Evrony, the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, paid a visit to the town of Carrickmacross, local Sinn Fein representatives threw a spectacular wobbly.

They demanded that the Fine Gael mayor of the town refuse to meet him. (She quite rightly ignored them.)

About 30 of their supporters protested on the streets and Dr Evrony had to have a police escort to council offices.

So much for it's good to talk. There is an imperative for dialogue. A need for outreach. And all those other Hallmark card phrases the Shinners so like to soundbite on up here.

In Carrickmacross, in what the Jewish Chronicle referred to as something reminiscent of a scene from Father Ted, one councillor demanded that the page Dr Evrony had signed in the council's Distinguished Visitors' Book should be ripped out.

Not so much rewriting history then.

Just pretending it never happened.

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