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How Stace showed she's the 'real' celeb

By Lindy McDowell

When Dagenham's finest, Stacey Solomon, was elected Queen of the Jungle by popular vote (and given that she was up against the delightful Shaun Ryder, no small matter this) it was a triumph for giggly girls everywhere.

As celebs go there is something honest and sincere and truly honourable about the loveable Stace.

She's all arms and odd angles and gaspy gawkiness. She has none of the calculating poise and positioning that so many wannabes seem born with. She hasn't perfect features nor does she appear to have had plastic surgery to rearrange her face.

Yet, she's more beautiful than any of them because now that we've had a blast of the Stace personality, we know she's fun, she's kind, she's tough and when the going gets similar she just gets on with things.

She didn't just leave her fellow contestants in I'm A Celeb trailing - admiringly - in her wake.

She made the rest of those perma-tanned, plasticised, doormat Bratz who now pass as role models for young women look pale by comparison.

Stacey is an entirely different breed. She's not afraid to look a bit dishevelled and unpolished. She knows her own mind and speaks it, yet comes across as compassionate and considerate with it.

Laughing at her fellow finalist, Shaun Ryder, she described him as a typical egg. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Stace herself is something even more impressive. Soft on the outside, with a core of iron.

In today's celebrity jungle, where every star is out to show us their 'real me', she shines that little bit brighter than all the rest.

Possibly because she really is that little bit more real than all the rest ...


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