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How store owner delivered his own snappy justice to shoplifters

By Lindy McDowell

I’ve always had my doubts about the success of ‘naming and shaming.’ Mostly because we live in an era where nobody seems to be all that ashamed about anything.

But then along comes the story of the Belfast shopkeeper who got so fed up with lowlife pilfering goods from his store, he ran off a few pics from CCTV and posted them in his front window along with that day’s Buy One Get One Free specials.

BOGOF thieves

The images have been available to anyone passing by to check out.

According to the shopkeeper one of those he’d featured was a well-heeled businessman who’d swiped a smoothie.

Why would anyone do such a thing? Total disregard for another man’s livelihood — and the livelihood of others employed in the store — amongst other things.

Window shopping the shoplifters might be a way ahead for other small businesses who are currently being hard hit by the double whammy of recession and crime. The danger is that the honest but absent-minded could also end up in the rogue’s gallery.

But most shopkeepers will know the habitual offenders.

And shop front justice is not only cheap, it’s instantly available and it gets results.

A real deal.

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