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Icon-fess I'm sick of these Kate cliches

By Lindy McDowell

A few weeks ago we were complaining about being Titanic-ed out.

Can we now not agree that we are also totally and utterly iconic-ed out?

If there is a word worn more threadbare in recent history by overuse I can't think what it could be.

Everything and everybody is an icon. Or iconic.

The aforementioned Titanic. The Titanic centre. The Titanic staircase. Titanic crisps from Tayto. The Queen is an icon. The corgis. The palace. Kate Middleton's nude shoes from LK Bennett. Paul McCartney is an icon but so, too, are his daughter Stella's onesies. Elton John has always been an icon, Tom Jones is back to being one and Cheryl Cole may be less iconic now than she used to be. Gadgets can be iconic. The iPad is obviously iConic. Celebrity of any kind leads to icon status.

Coronation Street is iconic as is Downing Street and all inhabitants of both localities - including even the cats. Sounds are iconic, sights are iconic, songs are iconic and even lipstick shades and Marmite.

We're surrounded by so much ordinary everyday iconology we've surely now reached overload.

It's like a disease. Hyper-icon-dria. Some might be able to put up with it. Icon't.


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