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I'd vote for poor insects to be let out of jungle

By Lindy McDowell

As reality show evictions go it was a corker. Holding one nostril and snorting like the Olympian she is, the impressive Fatima Whitbread succeeded in expelling from her nasal passage one of two cockroaches which had sought refuge up there during a Bushtucker Trial.

"I'm glad that's out of there!" she cried. A sentiment doubtless shared by the cockroach last seen hurtling past a camera lens like a meteorite on near-miss orbit of earth.

I love Fatima. But sometimes you just can't help but be on the side of the wildlife in these shows. Where do they get all those insects from anyway?

"We're pouring in around 7,000 mealworms," intones the aptly named Ant. The show seems to have an inexhaustible supply of the things. Thousands upon thousands of creepy crawlies are on tap to chuck around cowering contestants. Eels, spiders, rodents and crabs.

They're horrible things so why worry that one might get a leg swiped off when a celeb beats it from his or her face? Or might get suffocated stuck up a competing nostril? The problem is, you can't help it. It's distracting. You get to the point where you start to worry more about the pond life than some of the participants.

How do they collect them, store them and eventually dispose of them?

Even more baffling of course, is the ongoing mystery of why people subject themselves to the humiliation of insect invasion. I'm a small invertebrate - get me out of here!

The cockroaches, in fairness, never asked to get in there in the first place.


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