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If only PM could leave everyone else behind as easily

There's a great song by folk singer Eric Bogle (it's been recorded by the Fureys and The Dubliners) called Leaving Nancy.

Not a contender, I fancy, for the next Tory party conference ...

Poor old David Cameron, it's been revealed this week, left his eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, behind during a family visit to a pub. These things happen.

But of course, when you're Prime Minister the implications of Home Alone Number 10 take on an entirely new dimension.

You've provided welcome fodder for countless comedians, your political opponents not to mention the legions of prissy parenting experts on daytime TV. Next time do a head count.

But, as I say, these things happen. And, let's face it, Dave, Nancy isn't entirely alone in one respect ... Others Mr Cameron has left behind in recent years: The poor. Pensioners. First time house buyers. Home owners. Small businesses. Low rate taxpayers. Savers. Jobless youth. Hot pasty manufacturers.

Those he would like to leave behind: Nick Clegg. Ed Miliband. Jeremy Hunt. The Bullingdon Club. Boris Johnston.

Those he can't seem to leave behind: Ed Miliband. Levenson. Boris Johnston.

Those he thought he had left behind (but keep coming back): Tony Blair. Boris Johnston.

Those behind those he thought he'd left behind: Alastair Campbell. Peter Mandelson. Boris Johnston.

Those who would like to leave him behind: Nick Clegg. Ed Miliband. Boris Johnston.