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Is Gerry an ex-factor as Martin grabs spotlight?

By Lindy McDowell

Is Martin McGuinness Sinn Fein's Tulisa?

Where once Gerry Adams (a la Cheryl) was considered the republican version of the nation's sweetheart, suddenly Martin has emerged as the new star on the Shinner panel.

He's all over the show these days.

He's off to America with his pal Peter. His name has even been suggested in connection with the Irish Presidential race.

Meanwhile, poor old Gerry seems to feel he's slumping into the category Gerry Who?

What else are we to make, for example, of that comment of his at the weekend ard fheis: "I haven't gone away you know"?

There speaks a man who appears to think that people might think he has. Is the Dear Leader beginning to feel just a tiny bit eclipsed by his one-time sidekick?

Of course party loyalists will say it's all about Gerry now having to focus his energies down south while Martin concentrates on the north and his newly-established role in outreach to the Prods. (Hug a Hun?) Still.

You could understand if Gerry didn't feel just a little miffed that McGuinness seems to be stealing all the limelight.

To the extent where the party's one time main man may even be starting to fear he's now in danger of becoming its ex-factor.


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