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Isn't it time for Bob to stop having bad hair days?

By Lindy McDowell

At what age should a man get his hair cut? Bob Geldof is 60. Time for a trim?

Bob appears on the cover of the current issue of a Hello! mag attending the nuptials of his daughter Peaches.

The bride in her formal dress and daisy headdress looks angelic. Her baby, in her arms, is gorgeous. The husband also has long hair but since he's in his early 20s, he suits it. He looks cool and mellow.

Bob looks smart in the wedding suit. In fact he looks very well. It's just the hair ... .

It's bad. Straggly, unkempt, a mess.

If he was a 60-year-old woman there would be a major national debate about when to call in a crimper.

Does it give a man a certain edginess, a full-headed, albeit grey mop?

Boris Johnston obviously feels that his carefully tousled trademark bouffant has helped Brand Boris.

Interestingly, since all this talk of a challenge to the PM, it's been toned down a bit. Tidied up a bit.

A recent Time magazine article has suggested too that, in the race for the White House, a full head of hair has always been seen as a plus.

So an argument there for avoiding shortcuts.

But Sir Bob could at the very least run a comb through his.

Even if you can see why he might not feel the need to chop it all off.

He'd look like one of those age progression pics of Olly Murs.


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