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It's a pity violence here is real

By Lindy McDowell

Now is the winter of their content ... After being out in the cold - style-wise - for, well, centuries, Scandinavia is suddenly just about the coolest place on the planet. And suddenly it's everywhere you look.

Your woman with the jumpers, their killers, their detectives, their furniture, their interior design, their odd fish dishes, the endless subtitled bleakery of the place.

Even Holby City or Casualty (I always get them mixed up) featured a recent homage to the frozen north with a story line that involved hospital boss Hendrik jetting off to his native Finland for an episode of staring moodily into the chilly middle distance.

There's now so much subtitled Nordic action on the box that before long we may all be fluent in Danish. (One of the things that I find fascinating is how similar the cadence to a Scottish accent.)

Doubtless all this exposure has been manna - or elk meat - from heaven for these nordie nations and their respective tourist boards.

The downside is that the emphasis on crime in all these many television series may be giving visitors the impression of a seriously high crime rate around the fjords. And that's only from the TV fiction.

Imagine the difficulty our local tourist trade is going to have this year, attempting to regroup after the much more dramatic global coverage of the very real violence and crime in our own corner of the world.


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