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It's a wonder they didn't claim drugs evidence was planted

Lindy McDowell

The PSNI have released a picture of a cannabis factory in Ahoghill where cultivation to the tune of around £500,000 was halted by a police raid last week.

"A blow to dealers" was how they described it with doubtless unintentional pun.

Half-a-million quid is some impressive quantity of stock for any sort of factory here and reinforces the view that cannabis production is now our foremost growth industry in these parts.

That, and fuel laundering.

The cannabis plants in the PSNI pics are of truly impressive dimensions. They are sizeable shrubs. How hard is it to grow these things?

You don't seem to need a particularly large workforce. But you will need premises – possibly rented – a few big pots, some polythene and an electricity supply as both heating and lighting are essential.

These gardening tips come from the police who are advising the public to be on the lookout for cannabis nurseries in our midst.

Tell-tale signs include the extensive electricity consumption, blinds closed to keep passers by from seeing in, windows fogged up as a result of condensation and people coming and going at all hours to tend to the crop.

Of course there could be any number of innocent – or different – explanations for exactly the same signs.

Blinds closed, steamed up windows and callers dropping in day and night? Sounds like a brothel.

But well done to the PSNI for this and a number of other recent confiscations of large cannabis factories.

Just makes you wonder ...

If this is what they've scooped how much more is still out there?

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