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It's not just the chill wind of recession in shops

By Lindy McDowell

As if they do not have enough on their plates dealing with what's left of the Euro, European Commission bosses are now said to considering forcing stores to drop the temperatures in their chiller cabinets.

On the face of it this might seem of little relevance to the rest of us.

But if you've been shopping in a major supermarket recently you'll know that it's already Baltic in the aisles. To the point where only the likes of Ranulph Fiennes is equipped with the necessary outerwear to tackle the cheese counter.

Are they insane, these people?

How low do they think shops - and shoppers - can go?

Ten minutes in the meat aisle is currently enough in most shops to induce borderline frostbite in customers.

If it gets any more Artic who's going to be hardy enough to tackle the chill cabinets?

And have the EC bosses forgotten about the global warming fall-out from all this imposed freezing?

The polar bears are having to forfeit their icebergs just so that yoghurt can be kept at a new temperature low.

Shop overheads are going up. Shoppers are being foundered.

It's not why mums go to Iceland.


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