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It's poor form to blame Tiger's girl

By Lindy McDowell

Tiger Woods didn't win the US Open. In fact his performance in the competition was up there – or down there – with his worst.

So, who's to blame?

Obviously the girlfriend.

In this instance, poor Lindsay Vonn, his "significant other" as the Americans say, is charged with ruining his concentration. How so?

Did she run naked across the course as Tiger prepared to tee off?

As good as ... according to critics.

Some weeks back – weeks back! – Ms Vonn, apparently referred in an interview to the fact that she and Tiger were just like any other couple going home of an evening to the "husband or the wife".

The shocking thing here is that she referred to herself in the same terms as a "wife". Which as we all know she isn't.

Well, God help the man. No wonder he was destabilised.

No wonder his swing was a bit out!

This sort of girlfriend destruction of a sportman's prowess is, as we all know, nothing new.

Caroline Wozniacki has also been blamed for interfering with Rory McIlroy's concentration on his game. Just because she exists and she's lovely and she somehow put him off because his mind wasn't really on the golf.

According to the "experts".

Andy Murray's girlfriend ditto.

Andy has a bad game. It must be down to her.

Possibly this is what they mean by sport being a game of two halves ...

The man does badly?

Blame the other half.

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