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It's the name of the dame ... Jess Ennis

By Lindy McDowell

There is no more common endorsement of popularity these days than the demand for just about every hero of the age (however fleeting) to get a 'Sir' prefix to his name.

It took Sir Brucie forever to get his gong - Sir Cliff and even Sir Mick getting in there long before. But eventually the authorities bowed to popular appeal.

Now, fuelled by that success, just about every other day there's another public demand for another celeb, hero or heroine to be recognised by the honours system.

Gary Barlow during the Jubilee celebrations? Make that Sir Gary! Bradley Wiggins after the Tour de France? Surely Sir Wiggo for services to cycling and sideburns.

Danny Boyle after that spectacular Olympics Opening Ceremony? Arise, Sir Danny.

And then there's Sir David Beckham for services to sport and underwear. Sir Mo Farah (a popular bet, there). Maybe even Sir Suggs of Madness? Or Sir George Michael.

So far we haven't had calls for Sir Rory McIlroy. But give it time.

There's also presumably now potential for Dame Clare Balding, Dame Victoria Pendleton, Dame Jessica Ennis.

Come gong distribution time the authorities will be spoilt for choice. Maybe even Sir Boris?

Hmmmm. Given that David Cameron could have a say in the process, that would be sir-prising ...

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