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It’s time to bin mob hatred that wanted to lynch the Catwoman

It says something about skewed social mores that Raoul Moat (murderer) gets considerably more Facebook back-up than cat-binner Mary Bale. ‘Is Mary Bale the most evil woman in Britain?’ asks one headline.

And, let’s face it, there are days when we’ve all wanted to Bale out and bin something just for the hell of it.

Ok. Maybe not the neighbour’s cat. (I want to stress this just in case the death threat bloggers are monitoring.) But, you know, the boss, the bloke on the call centre helpline, that driver not letting you out into the right lane so you miss your turn-off, the Milibands, the weather, etc.

Surely there is a niche in the market for a therapy that allows people to work out their anger by harmlessly binning things — or people — they don’t like.

Not fluffy little animals, of course. Which is where Mary went wrong. That’s guaranteed to set off the lynch mobs. In a way that the binning of a sad, middle-aged woman with obvious “issues” never would

For one service Mary did do us all. She didn’t just close the lid on the unfortunate neighbourhood Tiddles.

She also opened some light on just how vicious the mob can become when it’s fired up with collective rage.

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There’s a lot of hatred out there we all could do with dumping.

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