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Julianne's Palin into significance

By Lindy McDowell

The very gorgeous Julieanne Moore is set to play Sarah Palin in a TV movie based on the race to the White House.

Ms Palin says she'll just have to grit her teeth and bear whatever the movie throws up. Although whether she is genuinely dismayed or secretly happy to be played by a Hollywood looker is something we can't tell.

Palin herself - whatever you think of her politics - is a pretty woman. So it's fair that she's being portrayed as such.

One of the quirks of true-to-life movies is that, as the main players are generally played by big names, quite often they look a lot more attractive on screen than they actually do in real life.

Of course, it may not just be the cosmetic aspects Palin and others are most concerned about in the TV portrayal. For already the race is on for the next White House election battle.

Looking good for the voters is also very much about track record, policies and public perception.

Ms Palin has flourished despite the lipstick-pitbull persona, the criticisms of her grasp of foreign affairs and public pillory by comedienne Tina Fey.

She says of those "gals who pretend like they're me" that she provides them with "some job security." Maybe all the attention is also helping keep her in a job?


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