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Just how will David Miliband ever get over this?

By Lindy McDowell

It’s Mrs Miliband I feel sorry for. Back when wee Dave and even wee-er Ed were fighting in the playroom it must have been so much easier to sort the sibling rivalry stuff.

“Now come on Ed, give it back to David, there’s a good boy. I’ve told you before. You’ve got the train set to play with. The Labour leadership title, that’s his”

Never mind the implications for the political party of that weekend vote. Think of the implications for the next family party. Forget all that public talk about “my special brother”. The public |display of hugging, The gracious congratulatory remarks.

You just know things will never be the same again for the Miliband of brothers. You just know, human nature being what it is, there will always be scars. Will David ever get over it?

What might help is public sympathy. To Generation X |Factor, defeat (and especially public humiliation) can also be a bit of a winner. For some reason we love a loser. Which may make things trickier for winner Ed than he may have imagined.

These days the spin docs talk up how family friendly their man is. It’s all about his caring, human side. Even when he hasn’t got one. In our reality TV times that’s the way the game’s played. And sadly it doesn't augur terribly well for a new Labour leader who's already off to a dubious start — by booting out his very own Big Brother

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