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Just mime how you go Beyonce

Lindy McDowell

Mrs Carter is coming to Dublin in May. Mrs Beyonce Carter that is.

Sadly the queen of pop won’t be performing up here. But TV ads provide a glimpse of what to expect on her forthcoming Mrs Carter Show Tour (a tribute there to husband JayZ, real name Shawn Carter.)

The commercial shows her being kitted out by ‘ladies-in-waiting’ in ermine, jewels, skimpy corset and coronet. Like a cross between Miss Garishly Embroidered Thigh Boots and Marie-Antoinette.

Still. The girl is undoubtedly looking good.

And she sounded good during the weekend Super Bowl extravaganza where she sang at half-time.

That performance has helped salve the hurt of those who were apparently devastated to learn that she’d mimed during the Obama swearing-in ceremony.

She confessed to this afterwards pointing out that she felt she hadn't had enough time to rehearse.

(If you can’t find time to rehearse for a state occasion, when can you?)

Of course it could be argued that some people take these things just a bit too seriously.

‘Beyonce Admits to Inauguration Lip-Syncing’, a Beeb headline blasted.

Inauguration Lip-Syncing. When you put it like that it does indeed sound scandalous stuff. With her regal performance in the ad, Beyonce though, appears not to be too bothered by the right royal fuss her wee bit of miming created.

Certainly it doesn’t seem to have dented her ego. She may style herself plain Mrs Carter. But the message is, this is a girl who sees herself as queen of all she surveys.

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