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Katie's mag move is just the business

By Lindy McDowell

For years she's been baring her soul, opening her heart and fighting her demons on the front covers and multiple inside pages of celeb gossip magazines.

But now the self-promotional phenomenon and, it has to be admitted, savvy business brain that is Katie Price (aka Jordan) has cottoned on to the fact that if she cuts out the publishing company middle-man, she could rake in all that profit herself.

Hence 'Katie' - her new magazine, which hits the shelves this week, offering insights into la Jordan's lovelife, make-up routine and personal photo album.

Features in the first issue include "My tattoos and what they mean" and "Blinging your wardrobe Katie style."

Is there anything left that we cannot possibly know about this woman? Who knows?

But even from her book signing appearances in Belfast, where she was mobbed, we know the woman isn't short of a fan or two.

And it will be interesting to see who might be tempted to follow her down the publishing trail. After all, the personalised mag doesn't just afford the opportunity to rake in a bit of profit from your "revelations" - but also allows the misunderstood celeb to put their side of the story.

Next up? "Muammar" magazine?

With exclusives on "Blinging your tent desert style" and "My medals and what they mean".

And "Why I feel I can no longer trust anyone".


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