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Katie's trying to make a name for herself in posh child row

By Lindy McDowell

Should you give a child a posh name to help give him or her a head start in life?

Katie Hopkins argues that you should because people like her judge children, she insists, entirely on what they are called.

Ms Hopkins, a former star of BBC's reality show The Apprentice (which says it all really), has recently been locked in debate with This Morning's Holly Willoughby on the issue.

Almost inevitably a video of the spat has gone viral with millions worldwide logging in to watch.

Generally, people seem to disagree with Ms Hopkins and her snobby comments.

She appears to take particular issue with the name Tyler which is a perfectly fine name. She cites the likes of Monty as preferable.

Monty is a great name, too, but whether it actually suggests sounder character than Tyler is surely open to question.

Anyway, I don't think any of this is the point.

Ms Hopkins has since taken a swipe at obese people – another story which has guaranteed her wall-to-wall headlines.

And this, I think, is the point.

Like the canny Samantha Brick before her, Katie has copped that the way to get ahead (or at least get invited on to TV discussion panels) is to cause shock and outrage. Simply for the sake of causing shock and outrage.

The poor Tylers are merely collateral damage in her battle to get noticed.

The real name for the likes of Katie is much, much more unpleasant than the Chantelles and the Chardonnays she derides.

It's Attention-Seeker.

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