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Knives are out for Gordon after that letter to mum-in-law

By Lindy McDowell

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or, if you are following a Gordon Ramsey recipe, best served up in an open letter to the nation's media.

The story so far is that Ramsey sacked his father-in-law after a business fallout. Old Pops then had a pop back at him via the daughter (Ramsey's wife.)

Gord believed that his in-laws were, unfairly, asking his wife to side with them in the row.

And so he hit back with what he described as "one of the most painful letters I've ever had to write".

Making, as it did, veiled insinuations, the pain would appear to have been mostly the poor mother-in-law's.

Especially since she got to read this missive courtesy of those news outlets through which Gordon released it.

Doubtless Mr Ramsey would argue that if you can't stand the heat you should stay out of the kitchen.

He presumably believes he was forced into this very public display of filleting the in-laws because they'd upped the ante in the family row.

But his approach hasn't exactly helped his public image.

The consensus seems to be that he and the da-in-law are big boys and well able to look after themselves.

But causing grief to the mother-in-law, as his "open" letter undoubtedly did, was a tad gratuitous. It was a low blow.

And how does his wife Tana cope with all this? His children?

When you start to view even one section of family as the F word, it tends to have a knock-on effect.

His letter certainly roasted the in-laws.

But image-wise, it could be Gordon's goose that's cooked.


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