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Krankie panky an affair to forget

The revelation that the Krankies - the Krankies! - were swingers is surely one revelation too far.

Wee Jimmy Krankie and her husband have divulged in a radio interview that, during their marriage, the pair had an exotic private life that involved multiple affairs, outdoor sex and basically a rock 'n' roll approach to fidelity.

A bit too fan-dabby-sleazy for some, I suspect.

Wee Jimmy - real name Janette Tough - and her husband Ian say that they always knew what the other was up too.

It was only when they began to consider that perhaps someone they'd had a fling with might go to the papers and tell all that they decided to rein in the Krankie hanky-panky.

"We thought 'we're playing with fire here'," Ian told the interviewer.

But were they really?

Hard to imagine anybody wanting it spread over the tabloids that they'd been having it off with a Krankie.

Their secret was surely safe.

But what led them to do it in the first place? Ian blames their sudden fame. Although he adds with commendable honesty: "I think drink had a lot to do with it as well."


The wholesome, if irritating, image of Wee Jimmy will never be the same again.

Wee Jimmy Kinkie ...