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Kristen was dopey and Liberty is grumpy

By Lindy McDowell

Kristen Stewart, the new, edgier Snow White from the new, edgier Snow White and the Huntsman movie, has confessed to being unfaithful to her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, neck-sucking hero of the Twilight films.

Kristen Stewart is 22.

These things happen.

To complicate matters however, Ms Stewart, has confirmed that her fling was with Rupert Saunders, director of the new, edgier Snow White movie.

Mr Saunders' betrayed wife, Liberty Ross, also starred in Snow White and the Huntsman. She played Ms Stewart's mother.

Ms Ross has, however, let it be known that she is prepared to give Mr Saunders another chance. Mr Pattinson has not, thus far, indicated if he too is prepared to forgive.

All round then a bit of a mess.

About the only party that comes out of it all unscathed is Snow White.

Not that previously pure as the driven Snow White, Kristen Stewart.

But the movie of the same name which has been given a massive publicity boost due to all the publicity surrounding her affair.

Every cloud has a snow white lining?

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