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Let's call human trafficking what it really is, wicked sex slavery

By Lindy McDowell

Does human trafficking really sound all that awful to you? Because I have to be honest - it doesn't sound that bad to me.

Human trafficking.

To me it sounds a bit like a sample of stilted corporate speak from the annual report of a transportation company. Why don't we call the thing what it actually is? 21st slavery.

Sex slavery.

It is, according to evidence from a recent report, the bloodied scrape marks on the inside of a door behind which one young girl was imprisoned. Held as a sex slave, forced into prostitution, she'd clawed at the door in her desperation to break free.

And we file that under "human trafficking".

In fairness those fighting valiantly against this horror are employing everything in their arsenal to raise public awareness of what the crime truly entails.

But how much of a drawback to them is it that this rank evil has an official label that makes it sound about as innocuous as congestion on the M2 at Sandyknowles?

It calls to mind "joy-riding" which is what we used to call death-driving before campaigning relatives of victims drew attention to the obvious point that "joy-riding" made it sound like fun, harmless, a bit of a laugh. Not the savage reality of young people dead on the street. Families ripped apart. Misery and suffering. Calling human trafficking for the slavery it truly is, isn't going to make it magically go away, I know.

But in terms of garnering public outrage against this medieval barbarity it can, surely, only help.


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