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Let's face it, sexism's the new fascism

By Lindy McDowell

There is a bit of irony (I think anyway) that the same newspapers which feature the latest outpourings of Samantha "I'm so beautiful it's a burden" Brick also feature Philippe Loret, a French bloke who claims he's the grandson of Hitler.

On the surface it might not seem that Ms Brick and M Loret have a lot in common. But there was a time, and not so long ago, when both outrageous vanity and potential links to history's most notorious mass murderer would have been considered something you'd have kept to yourself.

These things still make headlines today (although tellingly Ms Brick's self-regard has captured more attention than M Loret's family links to Adolf.) But in our internet era, getting your name out there (or your notorious granda's) also offers a potential for profit.

Samantha Brick is indeed a pretty woman but in the furore over her comments about her looks (she says women are jealous of her, men rush to pay her cab fare etc) we forget that she's also obviously clever and as someone who's worked in the media, will have been well aware of the earning potential of her provocative views.

In other words she will have known very well what she was doing.

I'm not saying she doesn't believe what she says. But I do think she knew exactly how to couch her comments for maximum effect. And I suspect she's not too unhappy at the fuss she's created. What with all the TV appearances and possibly a book deal, she must be coining it. And fair play to her, I say. She certainly strikes me as having a much more admirable claim to fame than M Loret.

In an interview where he revealed his French granny had been Hitler's lover he didn't exactly say he was proud of his alleged link to the evil dictator. But he didn't exactly come across as cringing in embarrassment either.

Yet interestingly he's faced less internet censure than Ms Brick.

Even a family link to murderous fascism is apparently not so terrible as Samantha's upfront face-ism.

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