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Let's have a party to help us all thaw out in New Year

By Lindy McDowell

Continuity Christmas. That's how you could describe the suggestion that we should all consider holding annual works' 'dos' - sadly mostly cancelled in the chilly run-up to the big day - during a special weekend at the end of January.

The idea, which comes originally from Nick Price of Nick's Warehouse in Belfast city centre, is being supported not just by other bar and restaurant owners but by a lot of workers too, and has much to commend it.

Lots of businesses were badly hit by the bleak weather during what should have been their busiest time of the year. But workers also lost out on the chance of a bit of a festive knees-up.

Surely it would not be impossible to get the boss to reprise that kind offer of a few bottles of (corporate financed) Château Buckfast to help the party go with a swing.

Surely we could all do with something to look forward to after these past grim weeks of frost, slush and drought.

As Pink might say, let's get this party re-started. Christmas. It hasn't gone away you know...


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