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Let's raise a glass for our pub landlords

By Lindy McDowell

Among the list of workers who don't normally attract a whole lot of public sympathy (journalists, politicians, lawyers) it would be fair to say pub landlords also occasionally feature.

OK, so they provide an essential service. But they rake it in, don't they?

Well, not in recent times.

And certainly not over this latest difficult wintry patch when snow chaos has quite literally frozen the profit that many had hoped would off-set even leaner times.

The hospitality industry makes a large whack of its money in December. Last Friday was generally seen as the day when the big money was to be made.

But this year's whiteout on Black Friday not only robbed many pubs of the business they were banking on, it left them with the added expense of the spoiled food they'd bought in to cater for the masses.

I genuinely feel sorry for them.

The continuation of the bleak weather this week has meant that their chances of financially regrouping have now all but melted away.

There are warnings that some businesses have been so badly hit they'll have difficulty recovering.

Suddenly the matter of the works Christmas 'do' seems a whole lot more serious.

Organising a last-minute bash might even be deemed a public service.

It's an argument you could at least try with the boss ... But however you celebrate it, however you weather it, I hope your Christmas is a safe and happy one.


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