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Let's review how we do A-levels

By Lindy McDowell

Do we take exams seriously enough? Down south, I notice, newspapers review Leaving Cert exams like restaurant meals. Or the finals of X Factor.

There is appraisal from experts, from teaching staff and from examinees themselves.

It's a bit like that postmortem you used to do with your classmates immediately outside the exam hall. The post-match analysis where you suddenly discovered, to your horror that that question you thought you'd answered very well had actually been asking for something else entirely.

According to this year's media reviews, French had some "nice questions" this time around.

By contrast History had a bit of a stinker ... The Apprentice Boys of Derry.

"Most students would have been expecting the Coleraine University controversy to come up, as opposed to the Apprentice Boys of Derry," one expert is quoted saying. "Seeing it on the paper would have taken their breath away for a minute or two ... "

Do we do this stuff in schools up here these days?

And should newspapers here consider reviewing the various exams?

I found it entertaining to read. Although maybe the poor students mightn't find editorial confirmation of where they went wrong such fun.


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