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Lindy McDowell: Chris Moyles right to call it quits with girlfriend

I can’t say that I was ever a big fan of the gobby, self-opinionated Chris Moyles.

But does he really deserve all the flak he’s getting over news that he’s parted from his girlfriend of eight years, Sophie Waite?

Moyles is reported to have broken up with Sophie because she wants to start a family and he “isn’t ready to settle down.”

These things happen.

Relationships do sometimes come to a grinding halt because partners do sometimes want different things.

Unusually for a celebrity split there is no mention here of another party (or parties), of call-girls, romping or even secret love-children.

It’s just old-fashioned sad.

But not actually the end of the world.

The only odd thing is that at the reasonably ripe age of 36 and tied to a regular and highly-paid job, Moyles still apparently sees himself as some way off settling down.

It’s not just the kids and the wedding cake that settle you down.

Age and circumstance have a bit to do with it too. And whatever Moyles may imagine, he’s not exactly a portrait of rebellious youth with wild oats yet to sow.

He’s getting on a bit

But while he describes himself as too selfish for marriage and babies, tellingly, he is not so selfish that he intends to string Sophie along.

He may be immature in some respects.

But at least mouthy Moyles has had the guts to be honest with the girl.

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