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Lindy McDowell: How Joanna Lumley is leading the charge

Some Ghurkhas say they regard Joanna Lumley as a goddess for spearheading the campaign for their right to stay in the UK.

You get the impression quite a few of her fans in the national media would agree with the description.

For now La Lumley can’t put a foot wrong. She even modestly pooh-poohed the notion of herself seeking a career in Westminster.

She is as much in step with public mood as politicians are totally out of step with it.

Kate Hoey MP has been mentioned as one of the “clean” MPs who still represent integrity in the tarnished halls of Westminster. There are calls for her to be made Speaker or at least to be elevated to a more important role in the Commons.

Gloria Hunniford launched a campaign this week for the rights of grandparents denied access to their grandchildren amid the fallout of divorce and family separation.

Gloria, of course, has |already achieved so very much in her campaign to raise awareness of cancer following the death of her daughter Caron.

Esther Rantzen is said to be considering running for Parliament in a bid to oust an MP who claimed thousands in expenses for a dry rot bill. Esther’s back catalogue includes the setting up of Childline — a charity which has saved countless young lives.

Every so often you read articles about how more mature women are treated as ‘invisible’ and are written off as irrelevant in the corridors of power.

But suddenly it seems that, what would be termed in Belfast the ‘older girl’, is suddenly coming into her own. Cometh the hour, cometh the woman?

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