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Lindy McDowell: Ivy good idea to make Belfast’s streets look truly a-maze-ing

And so autumn closes in on Belfast city centre after a summer season where visitors and locals had to dodge their way through dug-up streets encased in dirty great red and white plastic bollards

Nothing changed there.

The farcically-named Streets Ahead project trundles endlessly ahead and the place still looks like one great red and white tip.

When does this ever end?

Maybe we should make a feature of it?

I notice that someone - the council I’m assuming - has erected baskets of trailing flowers on some of the barricades that run along Donegall Place. It’s a feeble attempt to counteract the sheer ugliness of the plastic bollards.

But isn’t there some sort of fast growing ivy we could employ instead that would cover them completely? Then we could market the area as a real visitor attraction.

The Belfast Maze.

The aim is to wander in and out of the various walkways trying to work out which one will lead you to which shop.

Or where to find a break in the plastic prison that will actually allow you to cross the road.

That’s how it works as it is.

A bit of vegetation would at least make the man-made maze look pleasant.

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