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Lindy McDowell: Stephen Fry is just a twit over cyber tantrum

Stephen Fry, who is variously described as “the cleverest man in England” and “a stupid person’s idea of what an intelligent person sounds like”, provoked outrage this week following his reported comments that women don’t like sex.

St Stephen now says he was “misquoted”. (The very experienced journalist who interviewed him denies this.)

To crown it all off, as well as the criticism of his observations on women’s sexual appetites, Mr Fry has also been rapped for posting behind-the-scenes pics from the new Harry Potter movies.

He is now reported to be so angry about the hooha which has ensued that he has even stopped Tweeting.


Whether this is a temporary measure or truly the end of the 140 character messaging business for the man who was the patron saint of Twitter remains to be seen. (After a previous “I’m not doing this anymore” tantrum he did make a comeback.) But as he once again chucks the iPad out of the pram this surely has to be the most fascinating aspect of the affair.

Not Fry’s views on the female capacity for sexual gratification. Not his grainy Potter pics. But his huffy decision to quit Twitter over a bit of criticism.

Could he once again be at the forefront of a new internet trend?


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