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Lindy McDowell: What really happened to Maddie?

On the one hand we’re told that Madeleine McCann was snatched, probably by a team of devious and experienced child-traffickers. On the other we’re presented with a picture of how she may look now — a bit older but still with the same fair hairstyle.

I am no criminal mastermind myself, but if I had snatched a child and was trying to disguise her, the first thing I’d do is completely change her hair

Is this little girl still alive? That’s the haunting question. The investigation still seems to be focussed entirely on the possibility of abduction.

Is it not also possible that on the night she disappeared, Maddie woke up, discovered her parents gone and set out (as four-year-olds are wont to) to find them?

Has this eventuality been properly investigated? Isn’t it possible the little girl could have come to some tragic, but entirely accidental harm?

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