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Lindy McDowell: Why Hillary Clinton has head start on that pitbull pin-up Sarah Palin

I am very slightly warming to Hillary Clinton. Mainly because she isn’t Sarah Palin (left).

As the Tea Party bandwagon gathers momentum stateside, lipstick pitbull Mrs P has staged a remarkable comeback from the days, post-presidential election, when she was regarded as the political equivalent of a BP oil-spill.

These days she’s the pin-up pitbull of the Republican right. Polls say more voters agree with her than with Obama (but would they want her anywhere near the nuclear button?) And she’s such great box office these days that even daughter Bristol gets a gig on Dancing With the Stars (Strictly Come Dancing in America.)

The greatest form of flattery, though, is imitation. And the emergence of a new Tea Party heroine in the oddly familiar form of Christine O’Donnell has to be as flattering as it gets. O'Donnell is her spit. She could be Palin’s twin sister. The flowing locks, the bright coloured suit

Which brings us back to Hillary. This week Mrs C has been taking some flak over a new harsher hairdo after she’s been spotted with her blonde tresses scraped back in a clip.

She’s obviously growing it longer. It’s at that in-between stage.

So is she aiming for a Sarah Palin/Christine O’Donnell look? Playing them at their own game? Or is she merely sending a subtle message to Obama?

You‘re not the only Democrat who can do Change

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