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Little pop prince Justin Bieber dishes out advice hair loss William

Justin Bieber offered style tips to Prince William
Justin Bieber offered style tips to Prince William

By Lindy McDowell

One prince's bare-all antics in Las Vegas have amused Americans in general. But it's the other prince for whom pop star, Justin Bieber has advice of a cover-up nature.

El Bieber is apparently dismayed about Prince William's receding hairline.

"There are things to prevent that nowadays like Propecia (an anti-hair loss treatment) I don't know why he just doesn't get those things."

Hmmm. This advice from a wee blirt whose own hairdo a year or so back used to resemble a bad comb-over.

Is hair loss - even in an heir - really such a bad thing?

In today's entertainment business where having work done is more or less compulsory, baldness is obviously regarded with some sort of contempt.

How else to explain what John Travolta has done to his pate?

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But in the real world most men seem to be a whole lot more relaxed about it than they used to be.

I always remember, some years ago, after I'd written a very brief piece about a supposed new "cure" for baldness how I was inundated with queries about where this magical elixir could be purchased. Sadly it was only in the development stage. It may even still be today.

Are men as touchy now as they used to be about the old receding hairline? I'd like to think not.

As for Royal roofing, covering up one wee bald spot would seem to be the least of princely worries right now ...


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