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Liz is certainly no yummy mummy

By Lindy McDowell

Liz Hurley has certainly made a new man out of Shane Warne who has been transformed, since they started stepping out together, into a vision of primped, polished, moisturised and exfoliated weirdness.

Still. Each to his own.

But not content with making over the man, Liz now also wants to reshape the extended family unit.

She's let it be known that Warne's children refer to her as Mummy Two.

This would be touching if the children had no Mummy One in their lives. But they do. A loving, caring mother who is understandably hurt that her own role is being diminished by a name tag that seems to suggest that she's been supplanted by a mother superior.

The role of step-mother can be tricky enough. But from personal experience I know that in the child's eyes (and heart) their mother - quite rightly - always comes first.

Simone Callahan, Warne's ex, says Liz Hurley's comments about being "Mummy Two" are disrespectful.

They're worse than that. They are also cruel not just to Simone but to the poor kids who have to go along with "Mummy" Liz's wishes. As a mother herself you'd think she might understand how Ms Callahan must feel. So what sort of heartless witch is Liz Hurley? And what sort of big wuss is Shane Warne to go along with this?


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