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Madonna spent awful lot to look this cheap

By Lindy McDowell

Where Nick Clegg may have slipped up when he described how he and his wife buy their children's clothes from Primark, was that he was wearing a £600-plus designer suit at the time.

But why would he want to suggest that his little ones are clothed in a label much loved by us plebs anyway?

It's the old man-of-the-people thing isn't it?

And they're all at it. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Justin Welby even goes one further than Primark.

He buys his gear, he tells us, in Oxfam.

You didn't think they did mitres and vestments did you?

Further talking up his down-to-earth credentials, the good archbishop describes how he eats takeaway pizza that he has delivered to his, er, palace.

Pizza is truly man-of-the-people nosh.

But for a man in his position, shouldn't it be simpler still? Loaves. And small fishes.

And then finally there's Madonna showing up at a bash where the theme is Punk.

And in homage to a movement that was all about cheapness, creativity and rebellion she wears ripped fishnets and a designer jacket costing several thousand.

If only Nick and the archbishop had been on hand to advise of the bargain shopping to be had in Primark and Oxfam.

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