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Martin's all set for his very own starring role

By Lindy McDowell

Say what you will about general unemployment statistics but the top-job market has certainly been given a bit of a boost of late. In recent weeks vacancies have arisen for:

  • President of Libya.
  • President of Ireland.
  • Police Ombudsman.
  • SDLP Leader.
  • Chief of Metropolitan Police (now filled.)
  • And (potentially) Northern Ireland Football Manager.

Couldn't we fill these positions merely by shifting the present incumbents around a bit? A move could free up Police Ombudsman Al Hutchinson to take on the job in Tripoli. (He'd get less flak there than he's been getting here.) And Muammar Gaddafi, in turn, might well relish the challenge of a go at knocking the Norn Iron footie team into shape.

And Nigel Worthington could take on the mantle of Police Ombudsman (if only because he'd surely get less flak there than he's getting now).

Anyway, you get the idea ...

But what are we to make of Martin McGuinness (below) up for the other presidential role. The one in Dublin. Does he stand a chance? Tellingly he's just back from a jaunt stateside with Peter Robinson where this unlikely pair aimed to encourage Hollywood movers and shakers to consider Northern Ireland as a film location. (Our fledgling film industry is already doing extremely well; congratulations to all concerned.)

Once, mention of OFDFM in the same sentence as the movie industry would evoke images of The Odd Couple.

Now, we're being encouraged to believe, it's All the President's Men.


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